Air Adventures

NZONE Skydive

It takes a certain kind of person to step out of an aircraft at 15000ft into thin air. It takes courage. Expect sensory overload as your mind, body & soul fight against every natural self preservatory urge, as YOU STEP OUT THAT AIRCRAFT DOOR AND FOR SOME 60 SECONDS PLUMMET TOWARDS THE GROUND AT 200KPH. Terminal Velocity. NZONE Skydive has been operating over 20 years and has now taken over 170,000 passengers. Achievement doesn’t come sweeter…

PH: 03 442 5867

Shotover Canyon Swing

The World's Highest Cliff Jump. Shotover Canyon Swing is an intense, undie staining, adrenalin stimulating activity achieved by launching yourself from a cliff –mounted platform. You’ll reach speeds of up to 150kph as the rocky cliff face rushes past you in a 60m vertical freefall, the ropes then smoothly pendulum you into a giant 200m swing across the famous Shotover River. With over 70 different solo and tandem jump styles to choose from, whether you’re confident or timid, our jumpmasters are professional and crazy enough to ensure you have an awesome and unique experience. Gravity is a toy, come out and play.

Ph: 03 442 6990

Nevis Bungy

Want an outdoor adventure, beautiful scenery and extreme highs? The Nevis Bungy (Bungee), 134m above the rugged Nevis River, combines all these elements into a mind-blowing series of unforgettable events. With 8.5 seconds of falling, its a breathtaking ground rush like no other.
Ph: 03 450 1300

Ledge Bungy

The Ledge Bungy is like no other, in that it comes equipped with a 'runway' to launch you out 400 metres over Queenstown. What makes this special is the Bungy harness which allows you to vary your Bungy Jump style; try a flip, twist, or numerous other options all designed to provide a different Bungy experience. Not convinced? Try doing this all at night with the lights of Queenstown far below. 

Ph: 03 450 1300


Kawarau Bungy

Your visit to Queenstown wouldn't be complete without a visit to the World Home of Bungy, the Kawarau Bungy Centre. It was right here, in 1988, that commercial Bungy Jumping began.  Nestled into the rock face over the stunning Kawarau River, the Kawarau Bungy Centre is a total visitor experience that offers something for everyone, the view alone will satisfy any group. Located at the gateway to Queenstown, only a 20 minute drive to Queenstown.

Ph: 03 450 1300


ZipTrek Ecotours

New to Queenstown, Ziptrek Ecotours is a spectacular and exhilarating flying fox eco-adventure through the forest canopy high above Queenstown, situated on Skyline Gondola hill. Ziptrek Ecotours runs all year round and is stunning whatever the weather. With two tours to choose from it is suitable for everyone, whether looking for an introduction into Queenstown adventure (Moa 4-Line Tour) or wanting the latest gripping eco-exhilaration (Kea 6-Line Tour) which includes the steepest tree to tree flying fox in the world.
Ph: 0800 947 8735
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SkyTrek Hang Gliding

Skytrek offers tandem hang gliding as well as tandem paragliding flights from Coronet Peak, Queenstown. Let our highly experienced and certified pilots show you the joy of flying like the birds. Whether its gently floating on the air currents or swooping and diving like an eagle over the spectacular mountain scenery, we tailor the flight to your needs.

Ph: 0800 759 873
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Southern Lakes Heliski

If you can handle intermediate runs, you can heliski! A range of heliski/boarding options to match your abilities and goals with our skilled guides and terrain. With a ratio of 5 clients to 1 guide, grouped together with people of similar ability you will have a day you'll never forget. All you need to bring is yourself, your equipment, sunscreen, a camera, water and a great attitude and they will provide the rest!